iCapSolutions, founded in 1999, was formed as an IT consulting group to deliver expert consulting knowledge in the field of engineering. Providing personal IT services for the Southern California area, iCapSolutions expanded into the telecommuting market and now serves the greater Internet community.

KirkRogers KIRK ROGERS – CTO / Sr Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer – iCapSolutions LLC
Kirk Rogers has been in the IT industry for over 30 years, providing quality IT solutions for companies including SalesJobs.com, TRW, CitySearch, Rotor, FairIsaac, Bridium, and Lawstar.  Kirk holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from CSU Long Beach.

As CTO and Sr DevOps Engineer of SalesJobs.com for over 10 years, returned a crippled niche market job board to a fully functioning and successful business. All aspects of the system architecture and functionality were redesigned and streamlined to produce a more flexible and manageable product, resulting in a job board that is currently the largest and most successful niche employment site on the web.

As senior engineer at TRW and member of the technical staff for over 15 years, Kirk solely designed TRW’s remote access system supporting an enterprise wide community.  As senior IT manager to the development team at Rotor, Kirk provided a self contained management system to maintain Rotor’s comprehensive multi-node application. Kirk also played an integral role in developing a complex registration process for CitySearch, developed and managed FairIsaac’s EDI Insurance service model, as well as provided engineering and management services for Bridium and Lawstar.

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